Wednesday, September 28, 2011

See, There's This Guy ...

Well I have been quite "occupied" and with that I actually mean, there's this guy I am now seeing.  Yes and I am enjoying every glorious minute of it.
I do have an unfinished Love and Sex Short Story Fiction in the drawing board, however my time is mostly spent being pampered and adored by this totally adorable man.  I am "smitten" so to speak.  I guess because he comes closest to how my father worships the ground I walk on and I can see he is completely taken even by my 'princess' tantrums.
I did tell him about this Blog and what I do during my spare moments including the things I write about.  He responded with the most disarming smile and prodded me to keep on doing what I think I enjoy doing.  (Well, wtf?  Where was this man hiding all along?)  I told him I will write a little bit about him for the few loyal readers that I have.  
And it's not Jake, my snake man.  This kind of man is for "keeps." My real life friends are of course drooling and jumping up and down with joy.  I guess they have never seen my face glow and my eyes twinkle and my cheeks flushed, all at the same time; and most especially if he is beside me. I do sound like a teenager out on a first date with her first love.  I hope you understand that I have come from a long engagement to a guy I have loved practically most of my adult years, only to be dumped a few months after we have formalized our marriage plans to our respective families.  
It wasn't easy picking up the pieces of whatever was left of my ego so I decided that unless a man deserves my full undivided attention, I will consider them only as part of my accessories, on a "need to have" basis.  
Of course there are other guys I dated(still dating?) and enjoyed lots of intimate moments with.  None of them comes close to how this man makes my heart skip a beat and make me catch my breath.  He comes from a mixed European descent; towering at about 6'6" tall, lean and packed where it matters to me.  When I say packed, as in really, really packed. He is about 5 years my senior, never believed in settling down early.  He thinks while you are in your prime,it is the time to earn enough, have a family and kids later to enjoy while he lives on investment income and trust funds interests.  So far, he is close to where he wants to be financially and I would like to believe, I am the best "test" to his vow of being a bachelor-at-large.  I do sound giddy because I am.  I sleep with a grin in my face and wake up with a smile.  Totally satisfied and still completely horny. Ahh, the feeling of being in love. Es maravilloso!
I will keep this Blog up as I happen to love it.  However be patient as I come and go. 
I never give 100% to anyone, but when I love the man, I give him much more than that.  It could be a character flaw but that is the only way I know how to love. Ooh la la ...


Advizor54 said...

What a wonderful post!!!! You sound very happy and if the whole trust fund thing works out, I am totally up for adoption.

Trickie said...

Thanks, love.
If things do work out, I am telling you right away.
I would still love to meet you in Texas.