Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sex In The City - The Shower

It was crazy how Marcus could make me cum and climax through my jeans.  If you missed this part, check here. The Hotel  Well I had been on the verge of exploding since the cab ride.  

He has gone to the bathroom, I can hear the water running in the tub.  I badly need to take a shower as I am feeling so hot and sticky, but there he is.  Stripped down, proudly bouncing off his hard on.  We walk into the bathroom together.
The tub was half-filled so I decided to go  straight to the shower cubicle and turned the water on.  As warm water splashed on my skin, I wasn't a bit surprised that Marcus has crept behind me and started fondling my breasts.  His hot body on my back,  I can feel his hard cock against the crack of my butt.  I lean towards him pressing his cock, moving my wet body to caress his cock with my back.  I moan as he slides one of his hands down to my excited, throbbing clit and his fingers start rubbing it vigorously. He kisses my back, my shoulders and the back of my ears, I feel his hot breathing when he whispered, "How do I pleasure you Trickie?"
I turn around to kiss him torridly on the lips, my hands already stroking his hard shaft.  I stop breathlessly, and cooed, "I want to feed myself first" and I went down on his twitching cock.
I begin to suck, gently at the head, then I slid my tongue all around the rim.  I slowly started to lick his shaft, up and down and around.  I kept my right hand busy stroking the hard vein under his balls leading into his butt hole.
I raise my eyes to him as I slowly slide his whole dick into my mouth.  He closes his eyes and groans.  I kept my hand on the base of his dick, stroking it, as I sucked on him, noisily, like feeding on melted ice cream on a cone.  I started slow and began moving and jerking him off fast.  
I feel him turn off the shower as he moves to lean on the shower wall.  I taste his salty-sweet pre-cum as it mixes with my saliva.  His dick is now a rosy, veiny pink.  His body shakes and both his hands grab my hair as he thrusts his dick into me, fucking my mouth.  I start gagging but I kept on. I could feel him shuddering, and just like he did well at teasing me, I stop sucking his dick and I stand up.  
He looks at me with a frown, then pushes me to the wall.
"I am going to have you now, Trickie, stop teasing."  He growled.
My pussy gushed wetness, his finger slides inside me first, I see him grin.  

He raises my leg up, guides his dick and rams inside me.  I feel him expand my walls and he lunges himself into me forcefully.  His movements make squishy sounds as my pussy drips. He places one hand on my boobs and sucks on my nipple, playing it between his teeth.
I feel tingly and completely aroused as his hard banging hits my g-spot.  I moaned loudly but his groans were much louder, or so I think.
I raise his head to kiss me in the mouth and our tongues twist and fence.  He stops kissing and looks at me straight in the eyes and started talking dirty.  I completely lose it and I screeched, "Fuck me harder, Marcus, I want all of you inside me!"
His balls slam my pussy walls and I start quivering as a huge electrical, orgasmic wave overwhelms me.  I scream.  I could hear his voice, "Don't hold back, squeeze me!"
My walls squeeze and tighten around his dick and I feel his warm load filling me up.  He grunts and cusses but he kept on banging.  I grip his dick with my pussy to empty it, his body trembled.
He slowly pulls out, stares at my face looking completely blown away, while catching his breath.
I stare back at him, "Tub time?"
I grab his hand and lead him to the tub.  
He lies on the tub and I slide on top of him.  Our hands start groping and touching, and he starts kissing different parts of my face, my neck ... our body heat steaming up the bathroom mirrors.  I feel his cock getting hard again between our bodies.
I pull my head away and asked sweetly, "Are you hungry?"
He smiles wickedly.  I feel his hand on my pussy and he murmured, "My turn to feed."  My pussy smiles.


Marcus Myself said...

God I love showers!

Advizor54 said...

I love getting dirty while getting cleaned..... It's wonderful, and your words are arousing....

Trickie said...

Marcus - I thought you would love that.

Advizor54 - my words are arousing? Precisely my intent. =)