Graphic (Rated R) Stories

He was ramming me too hard it was breaking my back.  But without the pain I don't feel anything.  The table makes creaky noises but this does not seem to bother his lustful rampage.  I groan and moan under his vicious attack watching the shadows of my flailing legs on the wall as they hang over his shoulders.  The flickering light from the lamp cast shadows on the walls, making us look like two hungry wolves devouring each other's guts. 
I don't know his name.  But his cock's ring was making me drip all over; creating squishing sounds of wetness, skin on skin, further stimulating me;  feeding my auditory senses and inducing a most gratifying indulgence.  I claw his butt with my nails and he growls and grunts.  I push myself forward and lift my hips as a trembling wave rumbles through my spine.  I howled from my innermost depths and I hear him snarl like an animal feasting on flesh meat.  He bends and sucks on my nipples harshly it made me wail.  We said no words, just sounds of two creatures in the heat on the night.  And he filled me with overflowing warmth and I incessantly throbbed and pulsed.
I squeezed his cock harder and he moaned some more and started pumping again.  I push him and rolled him on his back and straddled him.  Body fluids all over our thighs and groin.  He grabbed my breasts and mashed them, hard.  My dark soul emerged and I rode the wild stallion like there was no tomorrow.  I screamed as he spread my butt and put his fingers inside my butt hole.  I cried like a pig. There was only pain, throbbing and callowed satisfaction.
I teetered as I stood and held on to the table.  His muscular, sweaty and sticky body laid before me, his thighs and legs dangling.  He looked delectable and I knew I wanted him again.  He was looking at me, smiling.  I grinned back.  He was too delicious to waste.   Not now.  Not tonight.
I pick up my clothes from the coarse floorings of the old, abandoned filthy cabin and put it on.
He struggles to stand and grabs me.  He lifts my dress up from behind and touches my clit and starts rubbing it.  I close my eyes as the reckless throbbing begins again.  He got rough and I can feel the ache from my chafed skin.  He pushes his hard dick inside me and pumps.  I let him play my breasts under my clothes as he kept on.  As he slowed down I move to face him and roughly kissed him on the lips, I grabbed on his hair and licked his face, his neck and went straight to the carotid vein and bit hard.  His warm blood oozes into my mouth, I held his dick and wildly stroked it while he writhed in pain.  His eyes ghoul-like staring, but seeing nothing.  I kept sucking and stroking until his whole body shook and was lifeless, drained.  I look at his body, his cock-ring glistened in the moonlight; he died with a hard on.
I felt hot.  I took off my dress and used it to wipe off the blood from my face and body.   I walked out into the dark night for air and looked at the moon, what a lovely night.  Then I flew.