Saturday, December 3, 2011


I promised an online great friend of mine that I will come up with something that is a little different from my usual posts.

It's a very short tale of my (mis)adventures with men from different species, although they may belong to the same Phylum. I am not even sure if I remember my Biology classes very well.

Here it is, I pose a question to my followers, most specially the ladies.

What would you do if something like what you see in the picture below is flashed a couple of inches away from your face?

Would you naturally gawk and drool?
Would you stare too long and move closer to check if it is not prosthetic?
Would you immediately go down on your knees and sample the buffet?
Would you laugh nervously and pretend you can very well handle this without any hesitation?
Would you give out a heavy sigh and drop your pants immediately?

Tell me, how would you naturally react?

Don't think too much of it, like: is he your lover, boyfriend or some ordinary random guy.  Just  focus on what is standing right there in front of you.

Or would you react the same way I did?

I snapped a photograph, left the room and posted it on my Blog.

After all, that huge schlong is attached to another dick, that looks like a man and pretends to be one. I know, such a waste of an incredible and magnificent potential.

But I much rather prefer to take on real men that comes with the dick. 

And to the dick who owns this cock, I hope it is a compliment if you will go viral.

Now why the  post title? Well, just because I can.