Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Late TMI Tuesday (Random Stuff) - Sorry!

1. When you go to a party, would you rather show up accidentally underdressed or overdressed?
Oh I love to come in fashionably late and I am partial to being overdressed.  It is always easier to take off rather than sweat the small stuff.
2. What is something you have won and how did you win it? (Inspired by the An Optimistic Virgin)
As a kid and a teenager, I have always been active in music and dancing.  Back at the University, a lovely gay friend and I joined a Flamenco competition, and we won the Top Prize with flying colors!  I also got quite fortunate to land a great paying photo advert for a teen magazine spread.  Actually, one of the first few bucks I earned for myself and immediately splurged on treating my family and friends.
3. Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle, end, or top?
I squeeze it from the end.  I grew up being nagged by my mother to keep this in mind and I have somehow been an obsessed follower.  I even go through pains of fixing a tube when someone is dorky enough to squeeze the tube from the middle.  It just gets me ticked.
4. What is something your parents used to say to you that you promised yourself you would never say–but now you catch yourself saying frequently?
Oh this is so creepy.  When we were kids and we played so much in the water, my mother would always say our skin will get old and wrinkled faster.  I still say this now, even with my friends.  Of course, they laugh at me.   I never outgrew it.
5. What 3 lies did you regularly tell your parents? If applicable, what 3 lies do you tell your parents now?
First, "We just had a late dinner and drinks and slept over at -xxxx- place." (Spending overnight with a guy, I always use a girl friend's name or a gay friend's name.  My father is the traditional one in the house.  My mother, (bless her soul) is the more liberal one.  She always knows.)
Second, "No, he is not my boyfriend, we are just dating and I would not do anything stupid."  (Sometimes I know I do stupid and crazy things ...)
Third, "Of course I would love a traditional Catholic wedding!" I say this tongue-in-cheek. I don't restrict my dating activities to only Catholic bred boys.
6. What is something that you intended to do today but didn’t? Why not? Will you do it tomorrow?
Not today.  I am still getting cold feet about the prospects of being an independent entrepreneur. But I always know I can manage my own business and may just get to it soon.  I have already decided the top 3 areas I will eventually select from.  It's a matter of time and adequate resources.
7. What is something that people do in traffic that really bothers you? (inspired by My Quest To Be A Good Girl)
When they pick their nose like it's nobody's business, even with windows rolled down or in un-tinted wind shields. It is just gross!  I also hate it when people put their feet up on the dashboard, and they have really filthy, dirty, duck feet!  Above all, drivers with hands but NO BRAINS!
8. Whose autographs have you collected? (You can stop at five, in case you’re an autograph hound or celebrity stalker).
I only have Jim Carrey (who I think is Canadian), Tom Cruise (when I was a teenager and I saw him in a cafe' in New York) and Oscar dela Hoya (the handsome Mexican boxer and I practically dove onto his table in an L.A. Chinese restaurant!).  I hate it when a fanatic crowd will kill you for an autograph so I prefer to get it when there are few people in sight.  But I am a proud holder of Ronaldinho and Messi's (FC Barcelona) signature on a magazine cover that I have displayed, laminated and framed! hahaha

Bonus: Where do you go to find solitude, tranquility or connection to a higher power?
Where else but the sea.  I love watching the sun set on a beach front, quietly watching the small ripples in the water.   The sea always makes me feel at peace and one with the world and the universe.  I may have been a mermaid in a previous life.
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Happy TMI Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Cool about Ronaldino.

I love to watch the sea waves and I love to watch the sunset, especially over the ocean. Beautiful and calming.

Anonymous said...

2. Those are two very unique and exciting "wins" especially winning the Flamenco contest. I'm impressed.

3. Like you, my mothere made me do this so I had become quite OCD about it.

Toothpaste personality test:

4. cute :)

6. Good luck. It's scary yes, but very satisfying. If posssible, try starting your business part-time while still earning a paycheck full time from elsewhere. Get your feet wet slowly.

7. Eeeewwwww! Trickie I forgot about that. And yes, it is so DISGUSTING. I hate to look in rear view mirror, stopped at traffic light and see some guy digging up in his nose. Or turn my head and next car over man is picking his nose all the way to his brains. Ugh! People are so nasty!!

8. I had to google Ronaldinho and Messi. What a fantastic friendship and history those two have. Your autograph is a highly treasured one I'm sure.

Bonus: This made me smile.


Advizor54 said...

Where else? By the sea....

The perfect answer.