Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Wanna play?  TMI Tuesday
Brought to you by Hedone, The Pleasure Principle

1. If you could clone yourself, what part of your duties would you hand over to the clone: (pick one)
a. Paying the bills
b. Cooking
c. Having sex with your significant other
d. Going to your job on your behalf

I definitely choose d.  I love to cook and have sex, in reverse order, but if my clone can go to my job, it would be easy for her to cover my bills as well.  Piece of cake.  I will probably ask her to do a., b., and d.  I personally want to handle letter c. please.  I am an alpha bitch, I am very territorial.

2.When you are performing oral sex on a lover is it generally:
a. Because you are trying to warm them up and have it lead to intercourse
b. You love to give oral pleasure
c. They want it, so you oblige but don’t really like it
d. You like to worship cock or pussy

Oh but I worship oral sex.  I love to give it and I will never decline an offer to receive it either.  That it may lead to intercourse in the end is part of the game. I enjoy watching how my lover responds to my loving on him orally and see how much pleasure I give him.

3. What part of love making does your partner speed through?
a. seduction
b. foreplay
c. the deed itself

Generally I am thrilled at doing the seducing, I am such a tease.  However, I am also a sucker for seduction.  A long seduction process for me my lover and I leads to a full throttle foreplay, at times, the deed itself tends to speed up.

4. What part do you wish they’d speed through?

I enjoy sex, the long, sexy and sensual process of it.  But the notion of excitement and surprise is something irresistible that I succumb to "lustful quickies".  That said, I want it fast and hard on quickies with the deed.

5. Who is the last person to grab your ass? When?

My steady date and FUBU ("fuckbuddy").  He is an incurable ass grabber and ass spanker.

Bonus: Describe your partner’s/lover’s/plaything’s/significant other’s penis or pussy in 10 words or less.

Full girth, long, a little curve to the right, veiny.