Monday, July 18, 2011


REGRETS and TMI Tuesday
Courtesy of the Ultra Sensual:  Hedone - The Pleasure Principle
1. What was the last thing you regret buying? A pair of reed-like, cigarette heel faux snake skin shoes (5 inches) that was too expensive, a little bit too uncomfortable, even in bed.
2. What was the last sex toy you regret buying? I have not really bought a sex toy.  My toys are mostly presents I received from friends.
3. Briefly describe a time that you had sex, and you should not have. Why did you do it?  The guy was someone I used to work with.  We were in an off-site seminar for an entire weekend.  The second night I drank myself silly and I was very fresh out of a break-up with my fiance'.  He knew about this and for a brief moment I thought he was with me to listen to my heartache and soothe me.  We were at the beach front, away from the rest of the people who were either half-dead in drunk stupor or deep asleep, it was almost 3:00 A.M. He started touching me and I didn't stop him.  I probably needed a man to make me feel I can be loved.  I was vulnerable and weak and angry.  I did not find him mildly as someone I would see after, but we went for it.  He was shaking in ecstasy while I was completely out of it, still thinking of my ex.  On hindsight, I think I used him.  I didn't even allow him intimate kisses nor did I want him to go down on me.  I let him fuck me twice that night.  I felt so horridly dirty and sinful back in my room in the shower.  I just cried and did not sleep till morning.  I decided not to speak to him ever.  He stalked me for a while, then decided to spread bad stories about me, calling me a "bitch", a "slut" and a "witch"; and he is probably right.  I have left that job a long time back.  I think he fell hard for me while I still haven't forgiven myself for letting him.
4. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be? My current age, as in now.
5. A good friend’s significant other flirts with you; would you tell your good friend? No.  If my friend ask, I will.  This is a regular occurrence for me.  My girlfriends always joke that you can leave me a billion dollars and I would not touch a single cent.  But don't leave your boyfriend behind with me.  I don't really flirt to be hit on, I am just the type that men honestly want to fuck.  I find it more a curse than a blessing.
6. What is your greatest professional regret? For example: Promotions you did not accept; Internship opportunities you did not pursue; Inventions/ideas you did not share.
Having quit my full-time job when my mother passed and work with our family business for my Dad.  It's a nightmare, and its harder to get out of it than I thought it will be.
BonusWhat is your biggest regret?  I don't like to dwell on my life's failures or regretful moments.  I choose to move on.  There is a lot of pain and heartache, but once I have decided to close the Chapter, it is closed.  I love kids and I am still envious of a few of my friends who have babies, a loving husband and a family.  I would love to have a baby of my own someday.  Maybe someday soon.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


Trickie said...

Test page

TMI Tuesday blog said...
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Anonymous said...

Ooh! I just like you calling me ultra-sensual. No need to read any further :-)

...but I did.

3. He also sort of took advantage of the situation. The photo you chose really really supports your story and alone it is quite moving. Thank you for sharing.

5. Oooh la sexy thing!

6. My motto: Never work a family
business...yours or someone elses.

Bonus: That's a great attitude to have.

Happy TMI Tuesday.


MsKayotic said...

Interesting... i like your answers.

I may have to come back more often.


Anonymous said...

1- I'm sure you look good in the shoes, though. ;-)

3- Wow! What a story. I'm sorry he spread those bad words about you.

You will have that family that you want when you're ready.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes do sound very impractical, yet very sexy, especially with the last two words thrown on at the end "in bed". It reminds me of what some say about Chinese fortune cookies, you can make any fortune dirty by adding "in bed" at the end.

Sorry to hear about your sexual bad encounter, it is just one of those things that happen, but I know it doesn't make it hurt any less. It angers me when people use words like that to try and do harm. And besides those aren't bad words by themselves, it's the person using them who is worse.

As for the curse, I guess that falls under the category of "careful what you wish for". I'm not saying that you ever wished for that, but I'm sure a lot of people think they would like to have that sort of problem.

Great TMI posting.

rivercat said...

i hope all the wishes you have filled.
the business sounds like a conflict but you love your Dad. It really deends howwe relate to parents as friends. There are people that sem nice but have been jaded too. I think we can also feel we are wrong and even sometimes we have to chose how to feel because wowe are determines what side we go to. This may not make sense but ife eems to be us thinking about why we do things at the levelof ourself.we recognize things and ultimately make decisions on how we feel about them and at the time it defines who we are. There is another observer though somewhere thinking about why
I dont know what brouht all that on.I do remember trying to comment here and am glad tosee the comments fixed:)

Trickie said...

Thank you for stopping by to leave your comments. It's always nice to know people stop by to read and take time to give an impression.
Hedone, you are extremely sensual. I love that about you.
Ms. kayotic, I would really love to see you more often.
Tempting Sweets, yes the shoes look good and so sexy. But they hurt like shit, and if I am not careful, it can hurt someone in bed.
Marcus, it's a curse when I want to be taken seriously because I do have a brain. Men just stare at the lips, boobs and stay there. Will you listen?
Rivercat, thank you and I missed your comments. You write very well and have many great insights.