Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthday Blues: Dating, Sex and Looking for Love

Ever since the day I became officially un-engaged, I have yet to meet and find the man that people describe as worthy to "grow old with".  I must have told you stories I have fictionalized in this Blog, but honestly, most of these are encounters I have had experienced myself or have vicariously experienced with my girl friends, who are fortunately (or unfortunately, depends on what you believe in) are in the same Facebook status as I am. (Single, and hoping.)
Well maybe I am not hoping for it to happen fast or soon enough.  Perhaps I am too busy exploring and enjoying things as they come and men as they drop from somewhere.

However it seems that part of growing up and acquiring some wisdom through the years (bear with me, it will be my birthday soon in the next 3 days), make you a little bit more contemplative about what you want out of love and relationships.  A few days ago, I decided to dedicate some pages of my real life experiences, mostly sexual, and maybe I will add the romantic stuff soon,   on here: My Beaver Diary
I am enjoying a sweet life.  Almost a decade ago, I had a quick stint as a commercial and part-time photography model; I was in the travel and leisure business; and now, I have successfully worked myself out from our family business. And in the next month, will be on a new career.  But I will never stop enjoying wine.
I have been asked, quite often, why someone like me (yes, I do have great looks) would find it hard to settle and find the right man.  I would like to answer that question.
It is not about how hot you look.  Finding and keeping a relationship beyond the wild sex is much, much more work.  And I would rather stay on this same course of exploring the rest of the world, until I find someone willing to help sustain a relationship for life.  I have not lost my idealism despite my "frequent failures" and it's ironic, if I could only add up those moments into my frequent fliers club, I could have travelled the world thrice over.
So this Post here is my moment of wisdom.  I turn 29.  Single.  Happy. And still totally hot.
I know the "happy" thing does not last very long until the next heartbreak or the next great expectations exercise.  I am taking my time enjoying my life, the men in it and everything else in between.  In my Beaver Diary I will tell-all, and sometimes, I tell these men that I love to write and Blog about it.  They are too busy in my "body is a wonderland" to take me seriously.  Therefore, I exercise my editorial prerogative to post the pages of my journal that are worth remembering.  After all, it's my diary and journal.

And until then, Happy birthday to me!  If I drunk-blog post in the next few days, then just enjoy it.  I will be sober sometime.


Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Advance happy birthday then Trickie! I have no doubt you're gonna have a blast. It would be absolutely refreshing to read you drunk post. Have fun and don't so anything I wouldn't do. Toodles!

Trickie said...

Thank you Psycho.
I promise to be at my best. ;)

Advizor54 said...

Fundamental happiness survives the ups and downs of daily life and can weather the storms of loneliness and heartache.

To be beautiful is a blessing, to be happy in a joy, to be both just makes the rest of us jealous. :-)

Have a wonderful year!!!

Marcus Myself said...

You are very right, finding someone to have great sex with is one thing and finding a real partner is completely different. If you find someone that is both - that would be almost unbelievable. My wife is my partner and I wouldn't trade her for anyone and while I enjoy our sex I can't help but want something more passionate. That is why I believe it is good to have friends you can have sex with - no jealousy (I hate jealousy - I don't use it myself). Unfortunately my wife does not feel the same way. So, I choose - having a good partner is much more important in the end.

Trickie said...

Advizor: True, I could not have said it any better. I have decided it will be a glorious year for me. Thanks.

Marcus: Everyone desires to have someone who they will grow old with. After all the romance and sex has gone, you are left to enjoy each other's company and laughter. Thank you for your insights.