Monday, July 18, 2011

Sex In The City 3: Kiss, Cab, Hotel

I wanted to say "Hello" but then again ... Marcus' Post,  don't speak when your mouth is full.  We didn't say a lot of words, we just kissed, for a long time.  I completely forgot we were in a public airport and I lost myself in that kiss.
He said "Hello" breathlessly, I murmured "Hello" back.  Then he took my hand and we found our way out of the airport.  I squeezed myself close to him and we kept on stealing kisses every opportunity we got.  I was in a complete daze I was aching for him.
He said we will take a cab to my hotel.  I keep forgetting we were not in a room and I needed to calm my nerves as I could hardly hear his voice above the noise and the loud booming of my heart. I think I asked Rocky to disappear and give me private time, now I am not so sure I did manage to send her a message.  Did I?  But what the fuck?  I can always drive her away.
We must be in luck, we got a cab.  Barely able to contain ourselves, I told the cab driver my hotel name and we grabbed each other like sex-starved rabbits.  I pulled him close from his shirt collar and kissed him passionately.  His hands were all over my breasts and managed to find itself inside my shirt, caressing my left boob, I moaned.  My nipples popped out and my pussy gushed, we kept stroking each other. I peeked at the rear view mirror and I knew the cabbie was grinning ear to ear.  I pulled myself away with great difficulty but kept my right hand on his crotch, rubbing his throbbing now engorged dick.  I whispered on his ear, "You are soiling your jocks by now, my dear Marcus."
He hardly managed to croak, "Don't stop Trickie, just keep at it,  and why on earth did you wear jeans?"
I smiled, "Because I am a tease, and I want to keep you wanting me."  
We exchanged short quips and pleasantries about the weather, work,  while I slyly covered his lap with my large shoulder bag and unzipped him.  Marcus was definitely too happy to see me, his cock almost flew out of his slacks.  He was so hard he was squirming on his seat.  I gave him a very gentle hand job using the juices from his dick to lubricate my hands.
Welcome to New York!  We got caught in the usual city traffic and the air conditioning in the car wasn't enough to contain our body heat.  Marcus bit and licked his lips, looked at me, begging me to give him head.  I just grinned.  We've barely been 20 minutes in the cab and it will take just about 15 minutes more, give or take the weekend's lighter traffic and the cabbie's skills.
I lean close to his ear, "We're almost there.  Just a couple more .."  The he kissed me again, his lips hot, his tongue all over my mouth.  I slowly zipped him back but he just grabbed on to my breasts and started mashing it.  I let him slide his hand to my crotch and rub it.  I kept one eye open as the driver was enjoying our moments with us.  I was feeling so light headed and dehydrated, I pushed him away gently and tapped his crotch lightly.  
"Stay. Play dead" and I chuckled.
Driver announces, "The Hilton" and he stopped right at 6th Avenue.  I sighed as my mind is filled with lustful thoughts I can hardly breath and I wish we make it to the room.  I was toying with scenarios in my head, I badly need to shower my sticky feeling in my jeans and I desperately don't want to waste a huge, hard-on.  Oh my, decisions!


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying Marcus and your story very much. I think there's going to be lots of hot fun in The Hilton. Can't wait to read more. ;-)