Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday Buffet (Non-Fiction)

I truly didn't expect what my friends were up to.  The hoodlums connived (girlfriends and gay friends) and wanted me to have a good birthday treat since this will be my last year in the 20's decade.  (What a pain!) Last night they picked me up from my place, blindfolded me and then drove off.  Night outs without my own car makes me feel naked.  I was helpless and their chattering, annoying laughters and whispers were getting to me.
We got off, they all held me up to help me walk.  The minute I heard the blaring music, the smell of cigarette smoke, I knew we were at a bar.  They all went suddenly quiet but I could tell they were giggling and I was getting excited and impatient.  Then they took off my blindfold.  Coño!  We were in a fucking gay bar!  And they had rented off a Private Room.  There were 6 girlfriends and 3 gay friends.  4 of the 6 girls are married. This will be a really crazy night!
We got into the room and they asked me to sit right at the center.  I told them I was not going to get married but they hushed me. There was a karaoke, a bar with loads of drinks and finger food in the room where the light came from.  Rest of the room was dark.  After a few minutes, the room went pitch black and we all screamed!  I knew we will have a private male strip show!!! Then loud oomph-oomph sexy music blasted!

The first set was a strip dance from 5 sexy male "stallions!" They were hung like horses and had cock rings.  Whew! Hot! They were throwing their "schlongs" in our faces, I shrieked!  The married girls grabbed and stroked it, my gay friends stood behind.  I assumed they would have a full meat buffet much later.  The next set was from a relatively known sexy, male porn star, who I think is totally gay.  Except that he looks ridiculously delicious, buffed and huge!  His show was just for me yet I was screaming like a little girl in a slaughterhouse. He stripped butt naked right in front of me.  Since we were in a private show, we could do most anything with these guys. I wanted to touch him but I just realized I didn't have it in me. Besides, I wanted more to drink. My friends pulled him away and had a feast. I was thinking too much I blew it. The other guys came back again and started dancing some kind of orgy dance and my banshee gay friends went berserk!  The room was booming with screeching, shouting and yelling! I didn't blink and I felt so stimulated by it I think I might be gay myself!
We were all drunk silly, wild and had some crazy party!  The girls were shameless and unstoppable, I was so hoarse howling, whistling and enjoying Tequila body shots! We stayed on doing stupid things, until I drunk dialled Anton (aka Jake in my My Beaver Diary) and asked him to pick me up since it was almost half past 3:00A.M.  Absolutely no one was thinking straight.  My friends teased me no end about calling him, but I felt so hot I wanted him badly.  
Anton arrived in a jiffy.  He gave me one look, shook his head and said I was totally wasted.  I laughed giddily and kissed him.  We said our goodbyes but I was draped on Anton as he nearly carried me to his truck.  Feeling flushed and hot all over I started taking off my clothes till I was down to my thongs.  Anton was smiling and shaking his head but he could barely focus on his driving.  I reclined my seat and started fondling my nipples and playing with myself.  I was moaning.  Those huge sausages turned me on.   
We must have flown because shortly, we were already in Anton's open garage.  He rushed to my side, opened the truck door, pulled my legs out and took off my panties.  He placed my legs over his shoulders then went to ravage my pussy.  It didn't take long, I was so horny I squirted cum on his face as I swooned and talked dirty. He had unzipped his pants, and quickly thrust his hard cock roughly into me.  I gasped and tightened with excitement, the early morning breeze and air-conditioning still cold on my skin and his body and dick so hot inside me.  I held on to the car seat and using my legs, I pulled him further to me.  I wanted to feel all of him. My pussy was making wet, squishing sounds, I was madly electrified. He fucked me like a beast. A huge current of stimulation wrapped around me down to my pussy and I exploded in an overwhelming orgasm my moaning sounded like whimpers, I nearly cried. Anton kept pumping, then he let out a deep howl, pulled his dick out, jerked it off a bit then sprayed his cum all over my naked body it glistened in the dark. My clit was still throbbing and my vagina walls vibrating, I started trembling.
Between wet sticky body fluids and sweat, Anton lifted me up and wrapped his arms around me.  He kissed me softly on the lips.  (Dios mio, it felt so good, his lips and breath was scorching hot.)  In a low voice he said, "Happy birthday Patricia." 
I sighed and held him by the neck and kissed him passionately and deeply.
Then I softly hummed on his ear, "Thanks buddy."
We laughed.  He took off his shirt and asked me to wear it, got my shoes on the truck's floor to put it on me.  We walked inside his house, I can smell our sex all over me.  I dropped the shirt off as soon as we got inside and walked straight into his bathroom.
Anton was right behind me and he had also stripped naked.  Under the rainforest shower, I felt Anton's body on my back, I tingled.  He held me by the shoulders to face him.  I saw that he was hard again.
Grinning, he asked, "Now that you had your appetizer, would you like your main course?"
I giggled, wrapped my fingers on his girth, and with my thumb, played the sticky fluid on his cock head, and breathlessly I said, "Yes I would love that.  I want my steak rare."
One more day before my birthday but I am absolutely loving these glorious presents. I am inclined to consider among all those treats, cocks and dicks, Anton so far, as the best gift I got this year.  Oh yes!


DeepsouthJAC said...

Hot hot hot!!! Love these stories. Please keep sharing them.

Trickie said...

Did you mean my true stories or my short story fiction?
I hope you mean both.

Advizor54 said...

All I got was a watch. Dang.....

Wonderful story! It's going to be a fantastic year.

Trickie said...

Advizor, hey a watch is not bad, eh?

Advizor54 said...

I can always figure out what time it is... the other gift is a once in a lifetime... :-)

Advizor54 said...

This is as hot today as the the first time I read it almost exactly 2 years ago.

I hope that this year is just as exciting.