Tuesday, August 2, 2011


1. What is your favorite summer clothing item or outfit?
I have a crazy preference for white apparel for summer. It's fresh and clean looking under the scorching heat of the sun.  I love white summer dresses and going out with either white bikini under it or au naturelle.

2. Did you or will you take a summer vacation? If yes, where did you go?
I just went around, within the country.  I had a short week in Valencia and stayed in Ibiza for a getaway with a couple of friends and of course, Anton.  How can I forget that?  
3. What is your ideal weekend away (e.g. city, beach or wilderness)?
I prefer the beach.  I have a lifetime love affair with the water.  I must have said this in my self intro Blog Post earlier.  Now tell me, why wouldn't you want to get down, dirty and naked in a place like this?

4. What would you pack for a naughty weekend?
Naughty to me sounds nice.  Well besides my sun-protection lotion, I take along a hat, several scarfs, and the barest minimum of undies.  I just bring 2 sets of travel clothes, a party dress.  I forget everything that you use under the clothes.  Sometimes, I bring some whipped cream, but otherwise, ice cubes and ice cream work for me. Scarfs are very versatile, y'know.  You can tie your hair with it, or hands, or just drape it.

5. What item(s) do you never unpack, never take out of the luggage from trip to trip?
I travel frequently, so I have a survival physical hygiene kit.  Toothbrush, toothpaste, facial wash, sun block lotion, body lotion and above all, a feminine wash.  Every suitcase I have would have this staple kit in it.  I am totally OCD with hygiene and I have a thing about smelling fresh all the time.

BonusLast vacation sex… Tell us what happened
I will post a Blog about this.  I just have a full story to narrate. ;)
BonusWhich celebrity would you like to be locked in a hotel room with for 24 hours and what would you do to them.
Ian Somerhalder
I will tie him up on the bed.  I will make him my sex slave.  I will pleasure myself on him endlessly.  I will lick him clean like a pussy cat licks itself clean.  I will feed him and bathe him and then have my way with him again and again.
If I get bored and tired, I will bring in another man, then let them feast on me.  Or I'll let each of them watch and jerk off while I take in one , then at the same time.  Goodness, this is driving me insane!  I want more than 24 hours.  It will be three nights and four days without ever leaving the room.  Just the balcony perhaps, under the moonlight.
Mark Wahlberg

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Anonymous said...

1. Oh I I like white too. I have a billowy guauze white top that doubles as a beach cover up or mini dress. I love the way it looks, feels, and blows in the wind.

2. Sounds like a nice journey.

3. I want to jump into that photo.

bad, bad girl ;-)


Anonymous said...

I love that you wear white. Definitely sexy and cool.

Oh, very nice picks for your celebrities.

Advizor54 said...

I think this is the best line of all, "Scarfs are very versatile, y'know."

Yes, and I'm a boy scout so I know all the knots.

Trickie said...

Hedone, the Sensual One - really, I am a good girl, I am just very good at being a bad, naughty one!

Tempting, I love white. It also looks good on a tan skin tone. I am willing to share these men, interested?

Advizor, "I know all the knots." Are you seducing me? hahaha

Anonymous said...

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