Sunday, October 30, 2011

SANDRA. A Short Story.

She squeezes her eyes shut.  Yet she manages to keep up with her fake moans and groans. She prays in her heart to get it over and done with. She feels him pumping faster now and with a loud howl and grunt  something warm oozes in and out of her. She sighs as he slides out and slumps beside her making the bed rock from side to side.

She stands swiftly and grabs her bathrobe covering herself. She hears him chuckle.

Sandra looks back and coyly smiles, “I just have to pee baby.”

He says, “I find it so cute when you drape yourself decently like that after we just fucked.”

She ignores that remark and walks briskly to the bathroom. That last image repulsed her; the plump, pimpled midget of a husband naked lying in their bed. 

She needed him. He was her ticket to freedom; her only gateway to liberate herself from the clutches of her insane mother. Her mother had not always been like that. She was 8 years old when her father left never to be heard of or seen again. Sandra’s mother kept her hopes and her faith that someday he would be back. Even then as a young girl she knew she would never see her father again; but her mother believed otherwise.

Each day her mother lived her life for the next 15 years, that her husband would be home for dinner. One day she decided that it was safer and less painful to stay in her dream land and she completely lost it.  It has been most difficult for Sandra to keep up with her mother’s fantasies. When she met Marco she did not care if he looked worse than a cursed Leprechaun, she married him. He was foul and grotesque but he was above all, rich and stupid. She has been married to him three years but as days turned into weeks and months into years, it has become more and more unbearable.

She basks herself under the warm shower and cried softly. 

She hears an urgent knocking. “Babylove?” she heard his scratchy voice screech as she choked on her tears and with practiced enthusiasm, “I’ll be there in a few seconds baby.”

As she opened the bathroom, he was standing there fully dressed. She honestly looked surprised.

“I have to leave urgently babylove, there are a few documents I need to pick up in the Office and I need them for my meeting in Florida” Marco continued, “Lucille called from the Office. I have to run and I think it is best I just leave my car in the Office Lot and have the Company driver take me to the airport.  Oh come now …  my sweet babylove” he says as she tried to put on a hurt scowl on her face.

“I thought you and I can spend more time and you…” Sandra was cut short as Marco grabbed and squeezed her ass from under the towel slowly groping up to her breasts she stopped breathing and gasped.

“I know babylove, you can’t resist me. Look I left some cash on the dresser so just buy everything you want babylove and try not to miss me so much”  Marco added and as he brushed his crotch on her she tried her best not to squirm.

Sandra grabs both his hands from her breasts and kisses them; he cranes to kiss her on the lips.  She bends down and kisses his forehead instead. He rushes out of the house dragging his suitcase. His car has hardly left the garage and she is halfway dressed up to go out.

She didn’t think of going to the Shopping Mall but here she was, aimlessly looking and moving around. She saw a Shoe Boutique with a wide array of leather boots. As she walked in, she was delightfully surprised to notice the man behind the sales counter. His hands, they look strong and powerful. His body looked magnificent behind that tight shirt. She felt a wild stirring inside her and a dampness that excited her. She tries to stop looking and looks at the shoe display. A few moments later, she felt his warm breathing behind her.

“Have you seen anything you fancy, Miss? a very manly, husky voice asked.

“Oh I’m so sorry am I taking too long? What time do you have to close?” she asked him turning her head towards the voice but barely turning around.

“The shop closes when I want it to,” he said, almost like a whisper.

The Shoe Storeroom reeked of glue and leather and was stuffy. But Sandra didn’t care. She scratched his back, screamed and moaned with total abandon as he repeatedly nailed her on the wall. Her orgasm was unshackled she was vaguely aware she was squirting all over his thighs. She didn’t hold back, she didn’t pretend. He was huge and skilful with everything.

As he put on his shirt, he asked, “Will I see you again?

Sandra continued fixing herself and without looking at him she replied casually, “No. You are damn good I must say, and I could crave for you, but no.” 

She left her panties on the floor and walked out of the room.

Inside her car she started sobbing. Her eyes blurred with tears she decided to keep the engine running but had no idea where to go next. 

An image quickly flashed through her mind. The bartender, the hunk she occasionally had casual sex with who owned one of the bars she used to hang out in whenever Marco was out. He had her initials tattooed in his chest. He’s sweet. Great looks.  Wild tongue. It’s been awhile.

She suddenly stopped crying. She checks herself out in the mirror. With a new resolve she knew where she would like to spend the night. It was Friday and Marco won’t be back till Tuesday. She was smiling as she sped out of the Mall’s parking lot.


Advizor54 said...

Nothing like a back room quickie to clear the head and set your resolve. A greatly entertaining story. Thanks!

Trickie said...

Somehow I knew you would agree with that concept. :) Thanks Advizor.