Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sex In The City: An Interactive Sex Blog

I will start this Blog Post and I will link it to the Blogger who will reply to my fantasy. It is a tale of two people (we can make it three or more if you care to join) as we try to live out our wildest sexual dreams virtually and move towards to making fiction, real.  It is the first time we will do this and we will let all of you watch as Marcus and I sex each other up.  Hang on for the wildest ride of your life.  I have linked him automatically.
Meeting Marcus 
 The Trip to New York.
It's just a three hour flight but I was getting severely edgy.  Graphic imagery cloud my mind and I feel myself soaking my jeans as I throb with very lewd thoughts.  My female glands are over reacting and the man next to me might unwittingly pick up my sexual scent.  His words just keep going on in my head.
I need you my goddess - come and let me worship you with my body and passion.  Let me show you how you inspire my flesh and inflame my soul.  Nothing in life can be more important than those blissful moments of thrusting and moaning.  I want to feel you laying beneath me with your legs spread wide around my hips; feel you hands on my back and ass pulling me into you deeper with every thrust.  Open yourself up to me and fuck me deeply. Let me spread your thighs and suck and lick that sweet pussy of yours.  Show me your passion, let me feel it and hear it.  My cock is so very hard for you, come and get it, climb on top of me so we can take each other to oblivion.
Fuck!  He did.  Right now this green-eyed dude is busy checking out my half unbuttoned blouse and lusting at something he's not going to get.  I pretend to relax my head on the headrest and keep my shades on so I can watch this man drool.  Not really bad looking, nice thighs.  The poor guy, his eyeballs just might pop out. I bend a bit to move pretending to shuffle the magazines and my shoulder bag under the seat to give him a better view of my skin.  Lust up and enjoy my mounds and pink nipples!  ... and now he fixes his crotch.  This is going to be one hell of hot trip for you.  After all that heated exchange of lustiness with Marcus, every fibre in my body is electrified.  
My business meetings in Miami are temporarily suspended, not until mid-week next.  I grabbed this chance to steal away from work and finally, finally, have a taste of everything he promised to make me feel.  Rocky (aka Racquel), my favourite cousin and wannabe "guardian" in New York had made the necessary reservations for me.  She practically screamed, "A double?  Since when are you expecting Company?  Is he with you?"
I laughed and giggled on the phone and told Rocky, "No my sweet Mama, "he" is in Italy and I am out to Sex in the City."
I could hear her heavy sigh on the phone, truthfully, I am not even half as wild as Rocky during her "swinging" days.  That has all changed since she met and fell in love with that Jamaican dude, Derrick, and she's been behaving like an overprotective Nanny.  She eventually ends up doing everything I ask so I love her like my own big sister.
I feel myself throb again.  The thought of Marcus tongue in me makes me want to touch myself even before the plane takes off.  My nipples react to my brain waves, and the man beside me stares at it like he is looking at a piece of chocolate decadent cake after 10 years of being on a no-sugar diet.
I take off my glasses and look at him abruptly. "Excuse me, but I really need to go to the loo."
Shocked and pale at my sudden short conversation, he stands up to let me pass.  I naughtily brush his crotch with my ass while I pass him.  Can't help it, he is such an easy prey when I am lusting like this.  I'm a bad girl.
Back on my seat now, I close my eyes, squeeze myself tight and imagine all these words in my head. I move my body nearer the arm rest and the man besides me pretends to lean unwittingly towards me, too.  His arm relaxed, I allow my nipples to be stroked by his arm.  I am loving this and he is getting a nasty boner. I'm horny as a deprived rabbit in heat.
I want your nipples to be very hard.  I want you to reach inside your shirt and pinch one of your nipples while imagining it is me biting it.  I want you to cup your hand over your crotch and squeeze your mound, rub it. I want you to get yourself so turned on thinking about me licking you, about you climbing on top of me, sliding my cock into you and fucking me long and hard.
A few moments later, the plane taxies into JFK.  I peered into the guy beside me, his boner is uncomfortably huge under his jeans by now it saddens me to make it go to waste.  But I straighten up and I get my Blackberry to turn it on.  I have 27 unread messages, and 5 missed calls.
One call from Rocky and one other call, with a voice mail from him.  My pulses and throbbing switches a notch higher.  Marcus.  


Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Booyah! An Interactive sex blog?
Fine, I'm hooked.
Should I wait for a new link to your post here^?

Marcus Myself said...

How could any man resist?
My response is up - and I do mean up ;-)