Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My First Time: T.M.I. Tuesday

1.  How many states have you had sex in? How many countries? Yes, Oral counts! All sex acts– penetrative or not– are sex.   3 states; 7 countries (oral included)
2. What do you think is the sexiest piece of clothing a man/women wears on a daily basis? e.g., bra, jeans, sundress, dress shirt, etc.  Men - tight jeans;  Women - sundress au naturel (commando)
3. Would you date yourself? Why or why not? Of course, definitely.  I am hot and sweet and smart.  Fuck, I will marry me.
4. Which muscle do you work the hardest: brain, heart, mouth? At the moment, brain and heart
5. Fill-in the blank: I’m a total priss when it comes to first date sex unless I asked for it.
Bonus: Describe your darkest fantasy.
Gang-banged by three very hot, cocky men, restrained.
And the link: T.M.I. Tuesday


Anonymous said...

1. Nice, very nice.

2. Yes! to the woman's outfit.

3. :-) :D

4. Really? Why? Care to elaborate?


Hot Damn! Can I watch? I'm turned on just reading that.

Welcome to TMI Tuesday. I enjoyed reading your answers.


Trickie said...

Thank you H, you are a sweetheart for stopping by.
My brain gets used up with my work as I do business development and a lot of travelling. I am very analytical and I love brain challenges. Heart because I am a die-hard romantic and I love falling in love. If you said mouth and tongue, I would have re-arranged the order a bit.
You want to watch? That makes it a double fantasy. I love to watch and be watched. I am quite vain, I love to watch myself when I am being taken, the thrusting and the watching turns me on.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

You have been a very busy girl. lol
I am kinda warm about that dark fantasy of yours ... hmmmm....