Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ooops. (True Confessions)

It was one of those dreary weekends and all I really wanted to do was stay in bed and sleep.  Marie, my crime partner and BFF (also a professed "nagger"), is all set to meet up with hunky new squeeze, Bobby.  Bobby is bringing a friend along, Rico, said to be dying to meet me.  My mobile's constant buzzing is so annoying I forced to drag myself out of bed.  I took a long tub soak and decided to go along with Marie's plan to meet up at a Club.

I wore a an acid washed low rise jeans, cream wedge espadrilles, white cropped off-shoulder tube top.  I was too lazy to fix up, I kept my hair down, added some blush, lip gloss, grabbed my pouch and drove to the Club.
Bobby and Rico looked fresh out of a GQ cover shoot.  Marie scowled when she saw me.  I smirked and hissed, "Well at least, I'm here."
The Margaritas were delightfully refreshing and the guacamole dip was divine so I was having a sweet, relaxing time.
Bobby and Marie shamelessly 'PDA''-ed (Public Display of Affection) as we drank.  Rico tried his best not to stare at my nipples or check out my thongs.  It was cute.  He was funny in a nerdy way but he isn't going to get any tonight, not from me.  The 6th pitcher of Margarita came with a fresh batch of chips and dip.  The tequila starting to kick in in our party of four, and Rico was getting rather frisky.  I was toying with the idea of a French escape when a couple struts towards our table.  Marie squealed, "OMG, Karen, you are soooo late, we are on our sixth round!"  I sneaked a sharp look at Marie, she knows that Karen hates me for reasons only her deluded mind understands, and I also find her company too loud.  It was mutual.
A piping, nasal voice said, "Well Jake here took forever to convince to come with me, so let's party!" Karen announced as her arms wrap around the waist of the "certified hot hunk" beside her.
Introductions ensued.  Our table was just for four, but it had to do given the weekend crowd at the Club.  Rico stood to go to the john, Jake, Karen's boy-toy, sat right beside me.  Sulkily, Karen sat on his left side.  Next to me was the wall.  He looked at me and I felt a jolt in my spine.  Dark brown hair and hazel eyes, bronze skin, chiseled face and eyelashes to die for. Where the hell does Karen pick up this men? I looked back and checked him out the same way he was checking me out.  His toned muscles bulged under his shirt and jeans.  Rugged.  Fierce.
"We have not met," his voice was low but kind, "I met Marie a couple of weeks ago."
I knew Karen was straining to listen to the conversation, so I spoke loud enough to be heard above the Club music and noise, "We girls go a long way, too long," I chortled.  He just stared and I felt awfully uneasy. I can't do much about my nips all of a sudden standing in attention.
Rico returned.  Jake ignored him.  Karen slid to another seat, but Jake stayed beside me.  Rico ended seated between them.
I looked at Rico and shrugged, he smiled shyly.  Jake turned to look at him briefly then turned back to face me and chit chat.
Karen crossed her arms and leered.  
The seventh and eight pitched of Margarita arrived.  Jake had a beer instead.  We continued talking and drinking and laughing.  Jake ignored Karen's motions and chose to subtly sit rather close to me, too close, that our bodies were touching and our thighs connected.  Each time he moved, his arms would brush my breasts.  I did not flinch at all.  I was getting totally turned on and feeling sticky and wet where it shouldn't be.
While the drinking went on, I noticed his breathing getting uneven, his body heat rising I can almost choke on his cologne.  The look on Karen's suspicious face was priceless though.
Under the table, I felt his hand stroke my inner thigh, I gasped.  I discreetly tried to take his hand off, but he held my hand and squeezed it.  I felt a knot twitch inside me and my eyes widened that Marie noticed it.
"Are you okay Tricia?  Can you still drive?" she asked with concern on her voice.
I twisted my hand away from his, I almost stuttered, "Of course I can, silly!  I'm not even woozy."
Jake suddenly turned to me, "No, you're not driving Patricia.  I am taking you home."
WHAT??? We all protested simultaneously.  When the 'buts' and the noise of disagreements died down, it was pointless.  Even Rico kept quiet.  Karen was fuming in the ears.
I decided one last attempt, "Look, we can drive in a convoy."
Jake's face turned dark and serious, "I am taking you home.  My driver will bring your car to your place.  It's settled and final. And we are leaving."  He took my hand, publicly now and I looked at the group.  They were just as stunned as I was.  We said our quick goodbyes, Jake motioned to one of the waiters and paid the bill.
We walked out of the Club, he held my hand like a father held his little daughter and led me through the crowd. He flicked his mobile while we walked and phoned someone.  When we got outside, he turned to me and asked for my valet ticket.  A man in a gray uniform came up to us and Jake handed him the valet ticket.  His SUV was waiting and the minute he shut his door, I rattled, "Dude, what's your thing huh?  I did not want to make a scene inside the bar but you're such an ass, and you dumped your date!"
He leaned towards me and held my face with both hands and kissed me.  I blinked.  His lips were soft, wet, and hot. I tried, weakly, to push him away, yet I found myself kissing him back and our tongues played.  He placed his right hand under my tube blouse and touched me.  I hear myself moan.  I opened my eyes and push him away this time.
My throat dry, I rasped, "Please take me home."
He started the truck and fixed his crotch.  My eyeballs nearly popped out when I saw the huge boner he had making his jeans too tight.  I felt myself pulsing.
He drove and we casually engaged in conversation, he touched my cheek every time he can.  He is not dating Karen, they met through common friends and Karen had been asking him to go out since.  Tonight he finally said yes, but they came in separate cars.  He asked if I lived alone, I told him my parents would have arrived for their weekend visit.
Just as abruptly as I said that, he swerved the car and drove to another direction.  We stopped after a few minutes in a vacant parking lot of what looked like a Clubhouse, under large, old trees shading the night sky.
He quickly unfastened his seat belt and mine and he reclined his seat.  He asked if I would recline mine, I hesitated a bit but I did anyway.  His Escalade was quite roomy.  I was barely reclined when he attacked me with kisses, on my lips, ears, down my neck.  He was ravaging me and I just let him.  He savagely took off his shirt.
He pulled my tube top down and my breasts bounced freely.  He gazed at them like a hungry hyena about to eat fresh meat.  My nips stood out in excitement.  He cupped them both and alternately sucked noisily, kissing and licking.  He murmured, "You're driving me crazy."  I giggled.   He stopped and stared at me intently, "You have no idea how wickedly sexy you are, do you?"  I fluttered my eyes.  He smiled, he had a little dimple indenting his right cheek, I touched it. "Even when you play silly Patricia, you are sinfully delicious to eat."
He opened his jeans and displayed his huge manhood with all the micro-veins dilated and ready to burst.  How hot can that be?  He was commando and just waiting to be taken.  He was jaw-dropping BIG!  He grins, "Wanna ride?"
I wriggled out of my jeans and pulled down my thongs and threw my tube somewhere.  He watched me and he got even bigger.  He held me from my waist and hoisted me over him.
I teased him by sliding my wet pussy over his shaft, up and down.  I placed his hand on my pussy and he went straight rubbing my clit vigorously.  I squealed with so much pleasure.  I kept sliding, he kept rubbing, as I toyed with my nips and let him watch.  Our body heat completely fogged the van, we were scorching.  I felt his breathing get heavier so I continued cock teasing him and held on to his dick circling it around my pussy.  He lifted me up and pushed me down as I slowly guided him inside him.  He moved his hips to pump me, slow at first, then increasing in speed, fast, and then hard.  His girth and length stretch me good, hitting me in all the right spots I came after a few pumps.  I was making yowling, whimpering sounds insanely and he kept on pumping, it made my throbbing and pulsing and squirting going endless.  He started cursing and calling my name so I moved against his thrusts and squeezed him.  He grunted and growled, loudly as I felt him throb in me, he continued pumping wildly, his hardness never faltered, warm fluids were now flowing into our thighs.  I kept ramming against him, and squeezing tightly, he was howling.   Neither of us wanted to stop.
Suddenly, we were both startled by loud tapping on the drivers' window and our eyes squinted as a bright light moved over our sweaty bodies, exposing my naked butt and breasts in all its glory.


Marcus Myself said...

You have done it again my dear. I need to go back and read each of your stories again and again to figure out how. There is a wonderful combination of pacing and well chosen words that make your story so erotic. You do not go overboard in your descriptions, providing just the right clues so my mind fills in all the most delicious details.
With so few words from you I can see how simple and gorgeous you looked in the club, you exude this delicious sensuality that I can't ignore the moment I am close. Being that close to you, smelling you, the simple touches - I can't think clearly.
Then, things speed along, the next thing I know I am looking at your gorgeous naked body.

The most amazing thing is that with your brief description I can almost feel your soft wet pussy riding up and down my cock. I can almost feel your body on top of me, feel your silky skin rub against mine, feel you shiver and tense as you cum on me

but as i said, I can almost feel it - any ideas how I could actually feel it?

roseanna2u said...

"He gazed at them like a hungry hyena about to eat fresh meat"
I love the way you write. <3

Trickie said...

Thank you MM. A bit TMI though, but I honestly love the way you really got yourself involved. That almost felt like you were hitting on me. :)

Dear Roseanna2u, thanks. But that's how it looked, I call it as it is. (wink!)

rivercat said...

Hi trickie, wow, this was very sensually descriptive. Great story too and it seemed very realistic. Well done :)

Marcus Myself said...

Almost felt like I was hitting on you? Hmmm, so how do I actually hit on you?

Stafford Woods said...

I thought that the ending was very good. COPS!!!

Keep up the great work!

Advizor54 said...

What a great and horrible ending! Hopefully the policeman put his service flashlight to good use....

Trickie said...

Advizor54, the cop pretty much watched first.
I pretended I didn't know. Hoping we won't get a ticket.
We didn't. ;)