Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Boardroom

"Oh my God, it's Donna.... please God, not today.  Please don't let her royal hotness sit beside me.  There are so many vacant seats.  Oh, not here, not now."  Eric mumbled to himself as he caught Donna's sashaying hips strutting towards him in the Boardroom.

"Hello Eric, are you ready for today?  I heard you frantically tried to piece all of your slides together last night.  Did you finish them?" Donna's chirpy voice sounded excited.  She moves provocatively and sat right beside Eric.
"Uhm .. ah...err... yeah, yes, I think so" Eric badly stuttered in reply, stealing a quick glance at Donna's silky legs.  Her short, tight black skirt rolled up as she sat revealing almost her entire thighs.  The rest, just barely hidden, is an image Eric has always thought about, days and nights, especially in the privacy of his shower.
"Gosh Eric, it's pretty hot in here.  They should adjust the thermostat.  There will be more people coming in.  I better take this off while the meeting has not started or I'll look like a sweat hog."  She laughed that sexy laugh and took off her navy blue coat, "I'll just put it back on when it's a little cooler, huh?"
Eric's throat dries up as he sees Donna was not wearing a bra under her white button-down top, and three of the buttons were open.  He sees her luscious mounds and his dick automatically stands in attention and starts twitching. "Good God, holy shit..." He crosses his legs to obscure the sight of his boner and curses under his breath.
"Don't you want to take off your suit first?"  Donna asks Eric looking at him intently.  "I think we are two early birdies to be here ahead of the pack, 20 minutes before show time.  I bet the rest will be fashionably late"  she pauses and surveys him; sees beads of sweat on Eric's forehead,  "Look at you, you're sweating."
"No.  I'm fine Donna.  Really.  Just feeling a bit edgy."  Eric replies to Donna, trying very hard to keep eye contact but his gaze keeps sliding down to her half-parted lips.  His groin stirs some more.  "What the fuck am I doing? And she smells so good ... somebody help me."
Donna suddenly touches his thigh, lightly, he almost screamed, "Eric, will you relax?  You're making me jumpy.  You have done this before and you're good at it." And she adds quite softly,   "Come on, it's just a business review."
"I want to bang your brains out Donna, on this table.  It's not the slides or the presentation that's making me sweat.  do you hear me?" Eric almost said this out loud, but he didn't.  His hands were shaking so badly as kept looking at her thighs and pink nipples.  
He dropped his pen.  Donna and Eric simultaneously bent down to get his pen, and much to Eric's shock, Donna without any prodding, just went under the table and squats exactly in front of his crotch.  She smiles naughtily and immediately unzips him.  She giggled as his swelling, throbbing dick literally popped out of his boxers like a Jack-in-the-Box.  She raised his eyes to look at him and smiled naughtily.  Eric's jaws drop as she began stroking him, "Holy crap!" he whispered.  He felt her tongue roll around his sensitive head, slowly licking his shaft, he squirms.  He felt her grip tighten, she slowly puts the head in her mouth and sucks on it softly, gently, he feels his entire spine quivering.  She places her fingers under his balls and gently caresses his inflamed vein, and slowly works on sucking half of his shaft, from the head, to the whole of it.  She was sucking all of him now, he places his hand on her head and pushes her to his crotch some more.  Eric closes his eyes biting his lower lips to stifle any sound.  He gropes down to touch her breast, moves his hand inside her blouse and he feels her nipples harden under his fingers.  He hears her sigh softly.  She started sucking harder, squeezing his cock between her palates ... in and out, in and out, and then from hard and soft to hard and fast, and faster.  He had waited far too long for this moment.  His muscles tensed up, all his nerves completely electrified and stimulated, he explodes and unloads all of his cum into her mouth.  He sighed deeply,  sweat beads now streaking down on his face.  He lets out a small grunt.
He feels a light touch on his forearm, "Eric!  Eric?  Eric wake up!"  Donna's sweet voice. "They're here.  The meeting is being called to order."
"Huh? W-Wh-whu-what?" startled, Eric's eyes widened when he saw the Boardroom almost full.  People were taking their seats, shuffling documents and stirring their coffee.  He turned to look at Donna, she was wearing the navy blue suit now, he looks around, trying to get a grip of the reality facing him.  He looks down and he sees a huge wet spot on his gray slacks right on his crotch.  He grabs his files and folders, and runs outside of the Boardroom, muttering some excuse while everybody looked at one another with questions on their faces.  The Chairman of the Board looked at Donna, she shook her head and casually shrugged her shoulders.


Demented Duchess said...

Very hot and funny (un-happy?) ending! Good (blow) job, Trickie!

rivercat said...

Hot as heck, but also light-hearted and theres also a sensual maturity and truth woven through all of this as well... Trickie, you are really wonderful.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this!

Marcus Myself said...

LOL. God I love your stories. Remind me to invite Donna to my next meeting - just in case.

dirtycowgirl said...


I do like the stories with a twist.

H said...

Fantastic.... love the CDC on you sidebar

Anonymous said...

Love the twist at the end. :)

Rex Venom said...

Very nice.
So much more to read now.
Rock on!