Friday, May 27, 2011

The Story of Joaquin and Angelica Part 3

I laid my head down on the bed and looked out my window trying to avoid the awkwardness.  All of a sudden I felt him kissing my hand, every finger, he held on to it the whole time.  I felt droplets of water on my hand, I turned to look at him.  Joaquin was crying quietly it broke me. He moved closer and turned to face me.  I looked back and saw how sad he looked, our eyes met and slowly our lips found what they had longed wanted to do.  
He cupped my face with both hands and we kissed gingerly, at first, then gently, and sweetly. Electric neurons sent shock waves to my entire body and jolted my spine, Joaquin has been the only man I ever had who made it possible to make my nerves go berserk.  As we kissed and with my eyes closed, images of long gone days of bliss flitted through my mind - Joaquin and I as young kids playing tag and holding each other's hands as we ran to strip naked and dive into the beach; as young teens, exploring the changes in our bodies, giggling and discovering new feelings and sensations about one another; the first time we had sex (he was my first but I was definitely not his) and I felt so wanted and loved as his desires were insatiable and so was mine; and that ugly, dark night, when I had enough of his intolerable vices and wanton indiscretions that I finally told him to stay out of my life, forever.  He started kissing me harder, his tongue played in my mouth like a snake devouring another snake and it seemed like he was seeing the images that distracted me and he wanted me to think of that moment.  I started kissing him back feverishly, I felt his body temperature rising I tore his shirt open and just as quickly, my bare breasts were on his chest.  I was completely roused and electrified, I felt myself pulsing and soaking and I felt him body shaking and his desirable hardness.  We touched and stroked and caressed and sucked and licked each other in total abandon and we made love like it was our first and our last.  Without a lot of words or talking, we just groped and moaned and gyrated and grunted.  The only sound I heard were his soft murmurs of "my baby", "my angel", "I need you", "I want you so bad" and each time he said it, his voice cracked and his tone was uneven.
He pounded me hard and repeatedly I convulsed and quivered uncontrollably with each fierce orgasm.  He held on, really long; he allowed to completely satiate my needs and my pleasures.  When he exploded inside me he howled and cried unashamedly.  His body was still shaking when he finally dropped his head tenderly on my tummy.  We were both sweaty and soaking with our body fluids.  I was still breathing unevenly when he started to play his fingers on my nipples and they responded back with enthusiasm.  I wanted him more.  I was aching for him to be inside me again, to fill me wholly. But I laid still and quiet.
With his eyes, he looked at my face and spoke slowly, softly, almost a deep sigh, but I heard it all.   "Ten years I lived aimlessly looking for a way to forgive myself for everything that I did that hurt you Angelica, my baby ... I could not bear seeing you and your pained, unforgiving eyes.  I thought my soul had left me.  I had to deal with all of my demons and now I am clean, I am sober, for more than eight years now.  The women, those girls - done and over with.  They were part of a dark past, a terrible chapter of my life I never want to live through again.  I only truly love one girl all my life.  My dream girl, a feisty princess I tried to kiss when I was 14 and she told me I tasted like a frog."
He paused and caressed my breasts, I closed my eyes and I smiled at the memory and the gnawing feeling that throbbed inside me.  I was only 11 years old and I didn't speak to him all of summer that year.  The electric jolt in my spine scared me when our lips first touched.  When he turned 16 and I was almost 14, we tried French kissing and he sucked my lips and tongue too much I called him a bad tasting, greedy frog.  He looked up at me again but never stopped touching my breasts and said, "You are most beautiful Angelica, up close and personal, much more beautiful than all of the images I held of you in my waking hours and dreams in all those years we were apart.  But you always knew didn't you? That you are the only one I love, and that I love you more than my life. I am truly sorry baby, I am.  More than you will ever know."
I touched his face and traced my finger on his jaw-line, now with small stubs growing, his sexy afternoon shadow, I said, "No, Joaquin.  All I know is that I will always love you for the rest of my life."  I lifted his head and kissed him, with fire and passion and I swooned, "I missed you so much my love."  He licked and kissed my face, neck, breasts, belly button and he got down on me and savoured our juices.  He was unbelievable hungry and I let him feast on me as I basked on glorious ecstasy.  I must have screamed his name all through the night and we continued enjoying our slice of heaven until the sun peeked through my curtains and our bodies started to ache.  We woke up sore and nervously happy.  We chose breakfast in bed.  Hot and spicy.



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