Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Victoria's Secret

Victoria surveys herself in the full length vanity mirror.  Dark burgundy long hair, faint plum lip gloss, sexy thong, 5-inch heels gold sandals, skin glistening with a bronzer; who could ever guess her real age?  Her body would make anyone half her age weep with envy.  She checks her face and stretches her jaw, hardly any visible lines or sagging skin there either. 
She smugly grins and does the pageant quarter-turns and chortles with delight.  She looks at her round butt cheeks and happy with it, decides to unhook her bra and throws this on the bed.  Her breasts, from a B cup, now a delectable Cup D stands firm and proud.  She walks to the dresser and searches inside her Black Birkin Hermes bag and gets a small bottle of Eau de Parfum.  She opens it and dabs a bit on her wrists, her neck, behind her ears, her decollete and on the back of her knees.  She inhales deeply.
She looks into her bag again, finds her Blackberry and turns it off.  She dims the room lights and walks over to open the drapes revealing the night sky and the city lights below. 
Victoria likes this 5-star hotel.  They are totally respectful of her privacy and her being a regular client has its rewards.  She chuckles as she thinks about the other members of the Board where she sits as a voting Director.  They will never guess in a million years her deepest, darkest secret.
Being married to the Chairman of the Board allowed Victoria the luxury of wealth, except the man that she has been married to for the last 30 years is pushing 80 years old.  He was intellectually stimulating, a charmer.  He is influential and powerful, Victoria believed it was going to be a good ride and fell for him immediately.  She was young, barely out of college and she thought her life was like a fairy tale unfolding into reality.  It wasn't long after that she also found that he shot 'blank bullets.'  Desolate and without child, it moved from bad to worse, then perhaps from daily stress and pressure, he acquired quite a number of illnesses and ailments.  Getting older and sicker, the Chairman thought the "blue" pill would help.  It proved to be contra-indicated to a lot of his other medications.  Possibly a decade and a half had passed, that Victoria has been deprived of honest and awesome sexual satisfaction.   Of course she has resorted to toys and stuff, but she craved for more.  Her hormones were going wild, her urges were becoming more potent that she was finding it more and more difficult to diminish her sex drive.
It was one of those boring weekends at the Spa when she overheard a small group of older women chatting about a friend whose sex habits were a good conversation piece.  Pretending to be asleep under her body mask, she listened intently.  She heard the name, Claudette.  From what she heard, this Claudette woman was a wonderful conduit to make your dreams come true.  And this lady hobnobbed only with the rich and famous clientele.  It didn't take long for Victoria to trace Claudette, and she turned out to be the rich bored housewife's last resort pimp.  Claudette boasts of the best stable of young, hot studs.  And what started of as a look-see, why not try it, one-off experience for Victoria, has become a bi-weekly tryst.  
Victoria ultimately got hooked like a substance abuser.  She also became more conscious of her physical appearance, her wardrobe, and with her disposable money, has invested considerably on body sculpting and lifts.  She comes out of every new treatment like a renewed woman, much to the envy of her peers and colleagues.  Even in the first years of her marriage, Victoria had always enjoyed being the trophy wife.  Ageless and simple.  Nowadays she is happier to hear whispers behind her back about her new "look" and she is tickled pink at every lustful stare a man directs at her.  The Chairman, the astute businessman and investor that he is, is totally wanting in the skills to sense the activities of his wife.  Although there are some gossip going around, Victoria has managed to be extremely discreet and while tongues wag, she ignores them all because she is happier that her sexual fantasies are all being satisfied.  She enjoys seducing her husband's colleagues, flashes them occasionally even during formal meetings, and she knows she is desired.  She giggles about the new attention accorded to her, because while they can all look and gawk and fantasize, she can never be touched.  Not by them.  Odd as it seems, it appears Victoria has never been in sync with her sexuality until she crossed the boundaries given in her marriage.  Her new "vice" has introduced her to a wild and dark side that has probably been lurking for a long time, trying to find a way to surface and control.
It's a sad fact however, that the Chairman is both unable to see her needs and incapable of giving her the pleasure she desires.
It was a perfect crime, until 'he' came along to give Victoria a sexual experience that raised her bar in terms of satisfaction.  Only 'he' was capable of giving her the ultimate and the multiple orgasms she only read about.  'He' goes by the "name" - Dion.
Dion.  It has to be Dion.  For the last three months or so, she demanded for him.  Each day Victoria could not have him drove her insanely lustful.  She can smell him, feel him, taste him. She aches for him.  Her desire to have him gnaws at her very core.  She has never felt she was capable of longing and lusting for a man, whose real name she doesn't even know, with so much intensity and fiery passion.  With Dion, to feel his body on hers, to have him inside her, to taste him, it was raw carnal pleasure and her hunger for him seem insatiable.

Victoria switches the night lamp on and leaves the rest of the room dim.  She walks to the door and unlatches the lock.  She goes to the dresser again and from her bag, flicks open a gold cigarette case and draws out a very slim cigarette.  She lights it with a Louis Vuitton lighter and puffs unconsciously.  She stirs the ice on an unfinished glass of whiskey resting on the table and with one swift gulp, finishes it off.  She drums her fingers on the table and feels a little edginess; and excitement.  She feels herself pulsing, throbbing and her thong gets slightly wet.
Finally, the phone at the bedside rings.  She says,"Let him in, he is my guest.  thank you."  And hangs up.  Her heartbeat moves to crescendo and she starts to feel a burning sensation from her body.  
A light tapping on her door.  She peeks through the peep-hole and opens the door slightly and moves back.  He comes in through the slight opening.  She looks at him in the dark and turns around to sit on the bed.
He notices immediately that she was naked and rather sexy, curvaceous.  His dick moves a bit.  He wasn't really sure but he recognizes her face in the dim light.  It's her.  Again.  He grins in the dark.
"Hello Dion", she says rasping through her whiskey, cigarette voice.  He's tall, possibly a little over 6 feet, around early to mid-20's; perfectly toned body underneath his tight dark blue shirt, acid washed jeans and dark brown loafers.  Victoria can smell his scent, spicy woodsy; her nipples jump.
He smiles back in the dark, "Hello Ma'am."
She replied huskily, almost a murmur, "Please take off your clothes.  All."
He obeys and deliberately displays and flexes his muscles as he took off his clothes.  He knows she likes this and stripping actually excites him too.  He stops leaving only his boxers.  His eyes have somewhat adjusted in the dark and he can see the contours of her face.  Her mouth is open.  He smirks to himself and slowly pulls down his boxers, making sure he touches his cock a bit to stimulate it and it responds.  He hears her catch her breath. Well I am not called Dion, the Stallion for nuthin'.  Dion takes pride with the size of his cock.  There is not much with what is between his ears, but he knows he has a lot to offer with what is between his thighs.  His girth alone can make any woman cry.
Victoria battles her hunger for him as she watches every part of Dion's body; her throat goes dry so she croaked, "Show me how much you got and I will give you anything you ask for."
Dion delivers what he knows best and how.  She screamed and scratched and clawed and wailed and moaned.  He was incredible and he only stopped when she almost collapsed with so much pleasure, completely exhausted.  He had to admit he enjoyed the sex as immensely as she did and she begged him this time to explode inside her, without a rubber.  He thought that a bit strange, but what the hell?  She asked for it, she got it.
When dawn came after a whole night of crazed sex, Dion awoke finding a check on the dresser to buy his dream car, a Porsche Boxster, with some change.  He jumps with joy.
Several miles away, Victoria is quietly having her morning tea in their patio.   She looks around their estate's magnificent landscape.  It's almost spring.  She smiles to herself and rubs her tummy.  "I will always have Dion inside me.   Until next winter, a part of him is mine now."


rivercat said...

this was very enjoyable, the character build up of victoria was steady and at the end i could ientify with her. nice :)

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Of course I had the need to see Victoria's Secret. Must be a woman thing.
I like the character build-up, almost a rationalization. But great story nonetheless.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Please check my Blog. I have something for you there. Thanks.

a better individual said...

that was riveting.
jeez, even as a guy that milf story gave me a semi.

Trickie said...

Dear A Better Individual,
Thank you for commenting.
And your feedback, coming from a guy, that is most encouraging. I would like to think that mean the words are connecting to the readers.
Thank you.

a better individual said...

no worries.

myinnerchick.com said...

OMG, can U send that guy to Minnesota? WHEW.

Trickie said...

Dear MyInnerChick
Sure. I will need to find him first then send him over to you in a red box and a bowtie.
Thank you for stopping by.

Marcus Myself said...

What a deliciously wicked woman - she is fantastic. I am not certain I would ever want to meet her, unfortunately I am not Dion so she would be harsh and unforgiving to me - but I will gladly watch her and enjoy her devilish nature.